FIRSTLINK was established in October 2003 with the objective of becoming the holding company of a group of companies belonging to the same shareholders.

FIRSTLINK activities are mainly focused, through its affiliated companies, on the Maritime Industry:

  • Shipowning
  • Shipmanagement
    • Technical Management
    • Crewing Management
  • Recruitment
  • Training
    • Insurance
  • Maritime Consultancy
  • Consultancy on shipbuilding projects
  • Consultancy for investment projects
  • Brokerage
  • Agency

FIRSTLINK has diversified its activities, through specialized affiliated companies, including:

  • Ship repair and Shipbuilding
  • Marine Civil Construction
  • Trading

FIRSTLINK holds share in the following companies:

Companies’ Chart


The core business of FIRSTLINK group is maritime transport activities, including:

  • “Shipmanagement”: the technical management of vessels and other maritime equipment (maintenance, repair, certification, insurance, P&I, cost accounting, etc.) and the crew management (recruiting, training, certification, etc.).
  • “Shipbrokering”: the chartering of vessels as agent for shipowners and shippers.
  • Intervening also in the market of sale and purchase of vessels.
  • “Shipowning”: in a joint-venture with companies of the Rantzau Group, in the chemical tankers market.
  • “Commercial agent for shipyards”: representing, in different geographic areas, shipyards like Damen Shipyards, in the Netherlands, ENP Shipyard and AES Shipyard, both in Portugal.
  • “Project management”: management of investment projects in maritime and river transport, shipbuilding and ship converstion/repair.
  • “Chartering services”: management of maritime transport contract with shippers in the energy and cement industries.
  • “Management consultancy”: in the sale and purchase of ships, intermediating with financial institutions in several complementary activities:
    • Consultancy in maritime transport projects, port terminal projects and logistics;
    • Consultancy in industrial projects involving maritime transport and logistics.
    • Trading of marine equipment
    • Trading of commodities 


  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • France
  • Russian Federation
  • Baltic States
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Portugal
  • Cape Verde
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • S. Tomé e Príncipe
  • Angola
  • Mozambique
  • South Africa
  • Brazil
  • East Timor


Activities of affiliated companies

NAVEGAR, Companhia Portuguesa de Navegação Internacional, S.A.

Navegar S.A. is a Portuguese shipowning company with closed links to the Rantzau Group of Germany. The company operates chemical tankers and bulk carriers.

The company also participates in all kind of activities related to maritime transportion contracts, as commercial manager and charterer of vessels.


CMA, Sociedade de Consultores Marítimos Lda

This company was initially established in 1995 under the name of “S&C Tejo – Gestão de Equipamentos Marítimos e Tripulações L.da”, a company which main shareholder was “S&C – Gestão de Navios e Tripulações Lda”, a shipmanagement company belonging to the

Portuguese shipowner Transinsular – Transportes Marítimos Insulares SA. Said social denomination was changed to SCMA Ltd. in June 2003, becoming part of Firstlink Group in October 2003 SCMA renders a wide range of services within the shipping industry:

  • Technical Management of Vessels and Floating Equipments
  • Technical support
  • Insurance management
  • I&T
  • Accounting
  • Crew Management (including training)
  • Sale and Purchase
  • Chartering
  • Marine Consultancy
  • Shipbuilding supervision
  • Drydocking and Special Surveys supervision
  • Shipbuilding projects

In the Technical Management and Floating Equipments segments, SCMA is responsible for the management of the following fleet:

  • 11 Oil/Chemical Tankers (co-management)
  • 3 Bulk Carriers (co-management)
  • 4 Cruise Vessels
  • 1 Refrigerated cargo vessel (full management)
  • 14 High speed Passenger Ferries (technical management)
  • Floating Equipment for the construction of Tete’s Bridge (Mozambique)

SCMA also represents some worldwide known shipyards and suppliers:

  • DAMEN SHIPYARDS Group, The Netherlands
  • ATLANTICEAGLE, LTD. (Mondego Shipyards) (Figueira da Foz – Portugal)


On the Shipmanagement segment, SCMA employs a significant number of Portuguese seafarers. However, SCMA maintains contacts with foreign companies (outside EU) specialized in the recruitment and hiring of seafarers coming from non-EU countries.

SCMA is committed to high quality standards of its services with great care in the protection of the environment. The company is certified according:

  • ISM (International Safety Management Code)
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001


ALPACO, Trading, Ltd.

Alpaco’s activities are import-export of various equipments and goods for shipowners, shipmanagers, shipyards and agents.

The company’s activities include the trade of commodities.


SCMA, Consultores Marítimos España SLU

Rendering industrial services in shipbuilding and shiprepair, as well as civil engineering:

  • Construction and hulls or parts of hulls in steel: manufacturing of small sets, panels, open units, blocks, tions and installation work on board;
  • Welding works: methods SAW / MMA / MIG / MAG / TIG;
  • Installation of piping systems (steel, copper, stainless steel and PVC pipes) work including installation of per pipes under pressure;
  • Outfitting works in hulls: installation of manholes covers, handrails, ladders, lifeboat safety wiring, draft ks, support auxiliary machinery, cathodic protection, and brush cavity for the anchor, hatch covers, mooring ipment, masts, etc.
  • Mechanical works: hydraulic systems, propulsion systems, shafts, steering gears, bow thrusters and rubber blades.
  • Electrical works: installation of electrical components, including lighting, and wiring installation;
  • Isolating works;
  • Instalation of air-con systems;
  • Ballast tanks surface treatment.


Euroshide, Ltd.

Euroshide offers a wide range of services in projecting ships. Its specialists manage modern software for automated projection (NAPA, NUPAS CADMATIC, TRIBON, AUTOCAD and others), allowing to complete all project works quickly and with high quality, including:

  • Technical and commercial calculations and consulting for water transport schemes optimization, preparation of ic data for transport lines and for new ships;
  • Tender documentation for new ships;
  • Contract documentation preparation and technical consulting;
  • Classification design for new ships;
  • Data preparation and participation in tank model tests;
  • Detail ship design and workshop documentation, NC steel cutting information, all information for pipes rication;
  • Test programs and on-board delivery documentation (load manuals, instructions and service guides e.t.a.);
  • Consulting and assistance on site during shipbuilding period;
  • Manufacturing of scale models.


Firstlink Orient Ltd (Macau – China)

Firstlink Orient Ltd, was established in 2009 at Macau SAR, being a “joint venture” of specialized companies in China.

Firstlink Orient Ltd, is fully licensed for import-export in the segments of defense, security, surveillance, legal aspects and related services.

Firstlink Orient Ltd, also makes trade, shipping and shipbuilding.

Presently, through the affiliated companies employes 6 permanent staff in Macau plus 6 in its delegation at Zhuhai, China.


SCQA – Sociedade de Consultores, Qualidade e Ambiente, Ltd

Based in Lisbon, this company aims to provide consulting services in the areas of quality certification, environmental safety and operational management as well as pollution prevention and development of methodologies for assessment, planning and procedures for the security of ships and other related activities.


Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding, Ltd.

Shipyard of shipbuilding and repair, located in Figueira da Foz. Shipyard of great traditions, being the only in Portugal able to build vessels in aluminum.



Sales volume

The consolidated sales of FIRSTLINK group is around Euros 5 (five) million Euros.

Bank references:

  • Banco BPI;
  • Banco Popular (BP);
  • Novo Banco (NB);
  • Banco Barclays;
  • Banco Internacional de Crédito (BIC).