EUROSHIDE – European Ship Design, Ltd., was established in 2007, making part of the Holding FIRSTLINK SHIPPING GROUP.



The company is engaged on the conception, development as well as monitoring the implementation of naval engineering and shipbuilding design (ship design), consultancy and expertise, technical assistance in the areas of shipbuilding and repair, training in marine engineering, trading and technical support technician of computer systems and equipment used in marine engineering, grading, inspection and regulation of ships and offshore structures.



Euroshide offers a wide range of services in projecting ships.

Its specialists manage modern software for automated projection (NAPA, NUPAS CADMATIC, TRIBON, AUTOCAD and others), allowing to complete all project works quickly and with high quality, including:

  • Technical and commercial calculations and consulting for water transport
  • Schemes optimization, preparation of basic data for transport lines and for new ships;
  • Tender documentation for new ships;
  • Contract documentation preparation and technical consulting;
  • Classification design for new ships;
  • Data preparation and participation in tank model tests;
  • Det ail ship design and workshop documentation, NC steel cutting information, all information for pipes fabrication;
  • Test programs and on-board delivery documentation (load manuals, instructions and service guidesetc.);
  • Consulting and assistance on site during shipbuilding period;
  • Manufacturing of scale models.



Euroshide mmaintains contact with various clients, namely, Shipyards of shipbuilding and repair.

In the consulting area, Euroshide has granted technical assistance to several businesses with Firstlink Group, namely:

  • Preparation of a draft of a ferry to East Timor;
  • Study of the increase speed of the vessels to Côte d'Ivoire;
  • Several studies on the applicability of ASV vessels;
  • Study for the supply of new doors of pilot and 6 doors A60 to the MV "Funchal";
  • Preparation of calculations for the Light Ship Survey of MV "Azores";

Euroshide also provided services to the following companies:

  • Vera Navis Ltd (presentation of calculation of stability of a fishing vessel);
  • Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding Ltd (adaptation of a general plan for a draft of a ferry to Uganda and other to Senegal and study the amendments to the ferry proposed for East Timor);

In May 2014 Euroshide signed a contract of services with the company "NAVALRIA - Docas, Construções e Reparações Navais, S.A.", comprising the provision of engineering and consulting services in proceedings of shipbuilding solutions related to their activity.

On the 1 st of June 2015 Euroshide signed a contract to provide services to the company "Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding Ltd." whose purpose is to develop and follow the implementation of naval engineering projects, shipbuilding design and technical assistance in shipbuilding area directly related to a contract that

"Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding Ltd." signed on the 22 nd of September 2014 with the Democratic Republic of East Timor for the supply, construction and delivery of a RoRo Passenger Ferry.