Navegar S.A. is a Portuguese ship owning company with closed links to John T. / Essberger (the Rantzau Group of Germany). The company operates chemical tankers and bulk carriers.

At the end of 2018 and under the existing agreement with the Rantzau Group, the fleet consisted of the following vessels:

- 15 Oil/Chemical Tankers;

- 3 Bulk carriers;

- 3 Cargo Vessel



The company's mission:

"We are a Portuguese shipping company of maritime transport, operating primarily in the European Short-sea market.

We transport everything that is liquid, maintaining high standards of quality and safety, protecting our staff, the environment and the interests of our customers."



Be a company of excellence, with employees of excellence.

Always have a positive, constructive and respectful approach, collaborating in finding solutions to respond to the challenges that are daily posed to the company's activity.

Continue to strive for perfection and excellence in the operation of ships, always meeting the wishes of our partners and customers.



The company's objective is the exercise of the maritime transport industry, including, in particular, long-

distance, coastal and coastal shipping, for the transportation of people and goods, chartering of ships, as

well as activities that may contribute to the development or complete your social purposes.