SCMA – Shipping Consultancy Management Ltd was established in 1995 under the name of S&C Tejo – Ship management and Crewing Services Ltd. The name has changed in June 2003.

In 1995, S&C Tejo was an affiliated company of S&C – Ship management & Crewing Ltd, established in 1992, which main market segment was the Portuguese ship owning companies.

S&C Tejo has maintained until June 2003 its activities connected mainly to the management of vessels operating in the inland/river trade, including cargo vessels, passenger vessels and touristic vessels operating in the Port of Lisbon, as well as floating equipment connected with marine services in civil construction.

The most important moment, in the beginning, was the organization and management of all transport operations, in the Tagus River, that had supported the construction of the Vasco da Gama Bridge. Later, it was the enlargement of the Bridge 25th of April.

In 2002, S&C Tejo has started a contract with Soflusa S.A for the technical management of the 8 ferries fleet. In between, Transtejo S.A. became the sole owner of Soflusa S.A.. Both are operating the passenger ferry service in the Port of Lisbon.

In June 2003, a group of managers of S&C and S&C Tejo did acquire the totality of the shares of S&C Tejo and defined a new strategy for the company.

The first change was the name of the company, to SCMA – Shipping Consultancy Management Ltd. The idea was to create a new image to enter in more segments of the industry, having a new and larger position in the market and to reinforce the pro-active attitude towards the clients. SCMA is no longer a simple ship management company in the inland/river trade segment. It is now also a ship management company in the international trade shipping segment.

Still in 2003, the technical management of Soflusa fleet was enlarged to cover the new fast ferries of the company.

The experience of SCMA in the inland/river transport has allowed the company to gain the trust of other clients, in a market segment that offers different development possibilities.

SCMA is now enquired not only for technical management services but also as consultant and manager in all types of projects of transport, port management, logistics, and civil construction with a component of marine services, shipbuilding and ship repair.



SCMA renders Ship management and Marine Consultancy services under high quality standards, at controlled costs, in Germany, Angola, Cape Verde, Spain, Mozambique, Russia and Portugal.



Continue developing and improving our long experience, implementing new and innovative solutions, in order to reach the Perfection and Excellency in the management of vessels and in all our business areas, allowing us to be the Better option for our clients.



SCMA renders a wide range of services within the shipping industry, such as:

- Technical Management of Vessels and Floating Equipments

• Technical support and Budget

• Technologies for PMS – Planned Maintenance Systems

• Insurance management

• Budget control

- Crew Management

• Recruitment

• Training

• Supervision and ship repairs

- Marine Consultancy

- Shipbuilding supervision

- Shipbuilding projects

-Supply of marine equipment and spare materials

- Sale and Purchase

- Chartering

• Project and assist the implementation of Management Systems on Quality, Environment and

Safety (ISO Standards)


• Project and assist the implementation of Management Systems on Safety and Maritime

Security (ISPS and ISM Codes)

• Audit and certify, as a Recognized Organization by Cape Verde Administration (ISM and ISPS


• Training “on the job”

• In the area of ​​Technical Ship Management and other floating means, SCMA has been involved

in managing different types of vessels, including:

o High Speed ​​Passenger Ferries

o Ro-Ro ships

o Passenger ships

o Refrigerated Cargo Ships

o Bulk Carriers

o Chemical Tankers

• In the area of ​​Crew Management, SCMA employs a large number of crew members from

Portugal, while maintaining contacts with foreign companies specialized in recruiting and hiring

crew members from other countries outside the EU.

• In the area of ​​ supervision of ship repairs, SCMA has ensured and provided all the related

services on technically management of fleet of ships as well other ships individually.

• In the area of ​​Consultancy, SCMA is very active in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Cape


• In the field of Shipbuilding Supervision, SCMA has maintained a leading position in the

Portuguese market.

• In what concerns Shipbuilding, SCMA has elaborated several projects, especially in the

Portuguese market. These services are usually provided by EUROSHIDE Lda., or depending on

the type of project, through external design companies.

• The SCMA, through its purchasing department, also provides services to supply spares not only

for ships in management but also to third parties.

• In the area of ​​ Sale and Purchase of Ships, SCMA has a department of S&P specialized in the

procurement and evaluation of ships.

• In the area of ​​Ship Chartering, SCMA has its own department that maintains direct links with

Shipowners and Brokers.


• In the area of ​​ Management Systems on Quality, Environment and Safety, SCMA makes a first

assessment of the facilities versus the normative to apply (Standards ISO), then creates the

manuals for the implementation of such systems, providing assistance on its implementation.

• In the area of ​​Security Systems and Maritime Protection, SCMA makes the initial analysis and

provides assistance on the elaboration and implementation of management systems for safety,

in compliance with ISM Code requirements. SCMA also assists Shipowners make the ship

security assessment and in creating security plans for ships under its management, complying

with the requirements of ISPS code.

• In the area of training “on the job”, following the relevant type of vessel, SCMA provides advice

to captains on training courses of refreshment, ministered to crews on board.